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Bleeding Through

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Dust To Ashes [2000]

http://mediaportal.ru/2007/06/28/bleedi … _2001.html

Portrait Of The Goddess [2002]

http://mediaportal.ru/2006/10/25/bleedi … _2002.html

This Is Love, This Is Murderous [2003]

http://mediaportal.ru/2006/10/25/bleedi … _2003.html

The Truth [2006]

http://getalbums.ru/2007/04/21/bleeding … 62935.html


Bleeding Through is an American metalcore band from Orange County, California, formed in 1999. Their current line-up consists of Brandan Schieppati (vocals), Brian Leppke (guitar), Jona Weinhofen (guitar), Ryan Wombacher (bass), Derek Youngsma (drums) and Marta Peterson (keyboards). They were a fairly underground group when they signed with Trustkill Records in 2003, and have released two albums, their breakthrough, This Is Love, This Is Murderous and The Truth.

The band received considerable media attention outside of the heavy metal community for their involvement in a van accident in December 2003, filmed by a TV crew, which happened to be there to report on another crash.

In 2003, Spin called Bleeding Through an "artist to watch". In 2004, Revolver magazine hailed Bleeding Through as one of eight bands ushering in the "Future of Metal" cover story. Their latest album, The Truth was named "one of the four most important hard rock albums of 2006" by Billboard magazine.

According to frontman Brandan Schieppati, the band is in the process of writing a new album and have a total of nine songs. However, the writing process will be delayed due to a Slayer and Marilyn Manson Summer tour and more forecoming tour dates. The band expects to enter the studio in February 2008.

Мне очень нравится.Пожалуй лучший металкор в истории.

p.s. Фото их клавишницы справа

http://centurymedia.com/temp/revolverco … overV4.jpg

: D

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Самая первая помоему моя металкор группа и до сих пор горячо любимая=))



Одна из моих любимых групп.


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