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Один из участников одной из моих любимых дескор групп Arsonists Get all The Girls умер-(

We can’t describe the pain and sorrow that we all are feeling right now. Last night/early this morning our bassist, Pat Mason, passed away. Pat was an amazing person and brother to all of us. It was his 21st birthday and we all got to see him at band practice. He then proceeded to go out to the bars. He went to sleep at a friend’s house. We don’t know the full details but when friends tried to wake him up this morning he didn’t wake up. We could never trade him for the world and could never replace him. We will always love him and will always be in our hearts. We are going to continue with the band cause that is what Pat would have wanted. There will be a donation account set up soon for his family and possibly a local benefit show as well. Thanks for everyone for the support that the band has since the beginning. We love you all and Pat loves you all as well.

21 год, каг жалко парня..



Фу блин...У Меня чуть сердцо не тормознуло, когда Я зашёл на Форум...
Я уж подумал, что что-то с Avenged Sevenfold случилось...
†Дядька с кладбища†
Прими Мои соболезвования (я незнаю как это слово правильно пишется...кстати - напиши и Я отредактирую)... :(



Мда, жалко чувака...мне они знакомы тоже((


Вы здесь » Avenged Sevenfold (a7x) - Forums » Другие группы » Трагедия-(